Why Pre-School and Not Daycare?

Discover the Difference of Brookfield Preschool!

Pre-School vs. Daycare


  • Comprehensive advanced Kindergarten (TK) curriculum with an emphasis on early childhood literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts, Spanish/French, music, art, and movement. Directed learning with specific age-appropriate goals.
  • A variety of “hands-on” activities which provide challenge and encourage creativity and curiosity.
  • Social-emotional guidance
  • Age- or ability/readiness-based grouping, as needed
  • Licensed teachers focused on educating, as well as safety and happiness
  • Fun play times throughout the day – Many possibilities available
  • 7:30 to 6:00 care available
  • $1080 per month


  • Circle Time and often introduction to a letter of the week, numbers 1-10, and colors. No attempt to ensure learning.
  • Free Play – Toys, books, outside equipment available
  • Social-emotional guidance
  • Mixed age grouping or rigid age-based grouping, depending on the school
  • Licensed care givers focused on keeping the children safe and happy
  • Free Play – Toys, books, outside equipment available
  • 7:30 to 6:00 care available
  • $1080 per month

Our Preschool Goals (2-5 Years Old)

At Brookfield Preschool, we strive to “feed the brain” through fun activities which give children the great start they need to be successful in elementary school and beyond. We provide challenge, while encouraging creativity and curiosity. Most of all, we want the learning to be fun, so that they will be hungry for more!


A good preschool experience is key to academic success in elementary school. It is at this time that children acquire an academic foundation in reading and math, develop logic, imagination, and self-esteem, and discover an excitement for learning. Through positive and challenging learning experiences at this early age, children will develop attitudes and traits which will prepare them to succeed in a competitive world.


Learning at Brookfield Preschool is exciting! The children participate in a variety of activities which challenge them and encourage creativity and curiosity. They are encouraged to develop memory skills, follow directions, and persist to complete tasks. Each day they will grow and learn



The comprehensive curriculum at Brookfield Preschool is based on learning objectives in the following skill areas:

Movement and Coordination Skills
Autonomy and Social Skills
Language Development
Cognitive Development
Orientation in Time and Space
Musical and Artistic Awareness

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    Brookfield School Sacramento is a thriving independent, co-educational, college preparatory private elementary school, serving children in Preschool through eighth grade. The private school is best known for its rigorous accelerated curriculum and emphasis on character development. Brookfield’s primary purpose is to prepare our students to become independent thinkers, responsible citizens, and effective leaders.

    To achieve this purpose, the curriculum is challenging and balanced, class sizes are small, and students are held to high academic and behavioral standards. This provides a solid foundation for high school, college, and post graduate studies.