Brookfield School is a learning community where children and nurtured and cherished.  Our mission is to encourage and guide our students to develop to their fullest potential, both intellectually and socially.  Academic excellence, civility, and good character are hallmarks of Brookfield graduates.


Mr. Timothy Blum

Science Specialist
Mr. Timothy Blum joined Brookfield as our Science Specialist in 2015. Teaching is Mr. Blum’s second career, following a long and successful career as a Deputy Sheriff in San Mateo County. His passion for Science and teaching was ignited through positive leadership and teaching experiences with Boy Scouts, The American Red Cross, and Sheriff Department community outreach programs at local schools. He is also a certified Emergency Medical Responder, bringing life-saving skills to ensure the safety of our school community.


Mr. Tyler Bogart

Mr. Bogart joined the Brookfield staff in 2008. Since joining Brookfield, he has acted as our 5th grade Literature and Grammar teacher as well as the 5th-8th grade Social Studies teacher. Mr. Bogart is also active in the Brookfield athletic program as an assistant Wrestling and Hockey coach. Mr. Bogart believes in “taking an active role in the students lives as both a teacher and mentor.” He strives to deliver a challenging yet enriching and enjoyable curriculum for his students. Mr. Bogart frequently makes himself available to students outside the classroom by offering tutoring and extra help for those students that request it. He is a dedicated professional driven by a desire to see his students achieve.


Miss Josephine Carlson

Preschool Teacher
Miss Josie Carlson is the teacher for our 3-year-old class. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and still speaks fluent Tagalog. Miss Carlson moved to the U.S at the age of 10, and enjoyed living throughout the U.S. in places like Hawaii and Guam. Miss Carlson started her career as a preschool teacher in San Diego. She tells us, “I love working as a preschool teacher, because I am constantly amazed by what such young children can do!”


Ms. Darth Clurman

English Specialist
Ms. Clurman joined Brookfield as the English Specialist in 2016, after moving to Sacramento from the bay area.  Prior to joining our faculty, she taught Literature, Composition, and Interdisciplinary Humanities as an adjunct college professor and senior lecturer for 13 years.  See is a dynamic, friendly, instructor who is effective at taking advanced level content and adapting it for our middle school students.  Ms.Clurman lives in Fair Oaks with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs, and spends her spare time in the great outdoors or with the great books.


Ms. Maren Conrad

Art Teacher
Maren Conrad has her degree in Fine Art with a double emphasis on Art Education and Painting & Fine Art Furniture from California State University, Chico. Maren has been developing art curriculum for art enrichment programs in and out of the class room for over eleven years. While trying to find an art program that taught technique for her son Hunter, Maren decided to open her own program. Maren Conrad’s Art Studio has been successfully helping hundreds of kid’s grow their love and abilities in art since 2009. In 2011, SacTown Magazine awarded Maren Conrad’s Art Studio “Best of the City” for place to “Raise a Renoir.”  Maren is also a working professional artist and very involved in the Sacramento art community. Maren shows her work at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in midtown.


Miss Vanessa Cuevas

Preschool Teacher
Miss Vanessa Cuevas joined the preschool team in 2015 after working with young learners over 7 years. Her recent move to the Pocket area of Sacramento brought her to Brookfield. Miss Cuevas shares, “Seeing their faces light up when they have achieved a task is what keeps me going!”


Mrs. Lisa Cullen

Mrs. Cullen joined the Brookfield faculty in 2012 as a second grade teacher. Mrs. Cullen taught 1st and 2nd grade for the first five years of her teaching career in private schools in Sacramento, followed by grades K through 4 in local public school districts. Throughout her 11 years of teaching, she has taught a diverse population of students, including English language learners, students with learning disabilities, and both high and low academic level students. She is adept at using a variety of teaching strategies and techniques in her classroom to address the different learning styles of her students.


Mr. Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis joined Brookfield as our first grade teacher in August of 2010. In his 18th year teaching first, second and third grades, he has taught in private, public, and charter schools in Chicago and Sacramento. Mr. Davis specializes in language arts, and combines research based techniques with energy and humor, making first grade a fun place to learn and grow. Mr. Davis also enjoys moderating our “Junior Journalists” program, and serves as our first grade writing specialist.


Mr. John Flolo

John Flolo joined the Brookfield Staff in 2004. During his tenure, he has served as our school’s Physical Education Instructor and Health Educator for all grade levels, Pre-First through 8th grades. He also Directs and Coaches all of Brookfield’s 13 Athletic Programs. Mr. Flolo challenges all of our Brookfield Students to “Always Do Their Best”. All of our Brookfield Students participate in daily, rigorous physical education activities and are tested weekly to determine improvement within the President’s Council National Fitness Testing Standards.


Principal Jo Gonsalves, Ed.D.

“Dr. Jo” became our school’s instructional leader in 2007.  Dr. Jo was drawn to Brookfield School because of its reputation for excellence and its commitment to serving the area’s brightest and most motivated students, a population that is grossly underserved in most schools today, but is so important to the betterment of our society’s future. If you ask Dr. Jo what she sees as her personal mission as Brookfield’s principal, she would tell you, “My purpose is to provide a safe and happy environment, combined with a rigorous and creative academic program, and emotional and social support so my bright students have the best opportunity to reach their potential. I see each of my students as a future leader.”



Miss Amanda Hansen

Preschool Teacher
Miss Amanda Hansen is one of the teachers in the preschool “ladybug” class for 2-year-old children. She has been working in the field of child development for 9 years and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from Sacramento State. Miss Hansen grew up helping her mother in her home daycare, which is where her love for working with children grew. ” I am more than thrilled to be working with our youngest group of preschoolers!” she shares. She brings just the right amount of fun and positivity to our Ladybugs class, and looks forward to helping them learn and grow as they progress through their first year of preschool.



Mr. Michael Kravchuck

Music Teacher
Michael Kravchuk joined the Brookfield faculty as a Music Teacher in 2013. He is an accomplished pianist and violinist, and has been teaching private lessons for both instruments for seven years. He is also a successful choir director who currently leads two large local church choirs of teen and adult singers. He has years of experience with music theory, and is very talented at composing and arranging music for vocal and instrumental performance. He is skilled at arranging and writing music to best suit the needs and ability of his students. Mr. Kravchuk is passionate about individual practice and the pursuit of musical achievement, and strives to inspire his students to love music.


Mr. Rick Lewkowitz

Speech and Debate Coach
Rick Lewkowitz joined Brookfield in 2016 as the debate and speech teacher coach. He retired from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office in December 2013 after 35 years as a prosecuting attorney, the last 25 of which spent as a Supervising Deputy District Attorney. He is a former instructor at American River College. Mr. Lewkowitz has spent nearly 20 years as an attorney coach for high school mock trial. The last 14 years he has coached the Elk Grove High School Mock Trial Team. Over the past decade he has helped the students at Elk Grove High School win one state championship, finish two times as runner-up for the state championship, and finish two other times as a semi-finalist for the state championship. In 2014 the Constitutional Rights Foundation (the organization that runs the state high school mock trial program) named him as recipient of the award for “Adult Advocate of the Year”.


Mrs. Andora Ligi

Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Ligi comes to Brookfield directly from the Teaching Credential Program at CSU Sacramento College of Education, where she practiced and studied the most innovative methods and theories in education. Throughout the last 13 years, she has spent countless hours working with a diverse population of students, providing classroom and individualized support, particularly to gifted students who need additional enrichment. Mrs. Ligi believes that education should be fun, and that children learn best when they are engaged in lessons that are relevant to them. Mrs. Ligi establishes a strong classroom community in which students feel comfortable learning, sharing ideas, and collaborating with peers. Her innovative lessons, enthusiasm, energy, and ready smile quickly get and hold students’ attention.


Ms. Christina Lopez

Preschool Teacher
Ms. Christina Lopez joined Brookfield in 2014 as the teacher for our 3-year-old preschool class. She is the mother of two pre-teens, and has worked as an early childhood educator for over 12 years as a lead preschool teacher and as the former licensed owner of a private childcare business. Christina also has experience teaching the Montessori method.  She is also CPR and First Aid Certified. She is a joyful, positive, energetic person who truly enjoys helping children discover the joy of learning.


Mrs. Janie Marquez

Preschool Director
Mrs. Janie Marquez joined Brookfield in 2014 as our Preschool Director. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and over 16 years experience as an early childhood educator and center director. Mrs. Marquez is a warm, friendly person with a gentle, but confident approach as an preschool director. She is very competent at training new teachers and maintaining professional and positive relationships with staff and parents. Mrs. Marquez has worked with children and families in the private sector as well as in federally and state funded programs. She was instrumental in facilitating and implementing the California Preschool Learning Foundations Creative Curriculum.


Mrs. Amy Mertell

Mrs. Amy Mertell teaches PreFirst.  Amy has a B.S. in Elementary, Early Childhood, and Reading Education from Auburn University Montgomery and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Washington.  She received her California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential after transferring here from Seattle, Washington, where she taught kindergarten and first grade in both public and private schools.  Because Mrs. Mertell believes that every child has the potential to be extraordinary, she is a warm, nurturing addition to the Brookfield faculty.


Madame Claire Michelet

Primary Level French
Claire Michelet was born and grew up near Paris. During her high school studies, she received a solid foundation in French language and literature, which were strongly emphasized, as were classical studies such as Latin and Greek. She moved to the United States about 22 years ago, and also studied at CSU Chico, where she got her Master of Fine Arts. Claire became an American Citizen in 2000, and now resides in Sacramento, and goes to France regularly to visit. In addition to her love for literature and the arts, she enjoys teaching. She finds it a rewarding experience and takes great pleasure at the daily interaction with students, responding to their innate curiosity and monitoring their learning process. She has taught French for years, giving group and private lessons for all ages. Claire is enthusiastic about sharing with her students the French language, culture, and lifestyle which are so familiar to her.



Ms. Penny Renaud

Penny Renaud begin teaching second grade at Brookfield School in 2000. She taught third and fourth grades, before deciding that fourth grade was where she was meant to be! Prior to joining the Brookfield faculty, she taught sixth through eighth grade at Merryhill Preparatory School and El Dorado County Office of Education.  “My educational goal is to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed by promoting intellectual growth, creativity, self-discipline, cultural and linguistic sensitivity, democratic responsibility, and physical and mental health so that each student can achieve to his or her maximum ability.”


Ms. Marsha Rogers

Technology Specialist
Our Technology teacher, Ms. Marsha Rogers, joined the Brookfield family in July 2015. Ms. Rogers is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys sharing her love for technology with children and adults. Ms. Rogers believes that learning should be fun. Using her diverse career background, Ms. Rogers is able to creatively find ways to make technology accessible, approachable, and exiting to explore. In addition to teaching, she runs her own online marketing business that specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses. Her education, military, and work background have helped to hone and maintain current skillsets in technology and in the business world.


Mrs. Michelle Schumacher

Office Manager
Mrs. Schumacher came to Brookfield in 1999 and has been the Office Manager for 13 years. She is responsible for the every day operation of the school, assisting parents, students and faculty in various ways. She is the first person you see when you come into the office and is always ready to lend a helping hand.


Mr. David Shackelford

3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. David Shackelford joined the Brookfield faculty in 2013. He hails from Odessa, Texas, where he taught undergraduate classes and served as the supervisor of the Literacy Center in the University of Texas at the Permian Basin. In addition to his experience as a primary teacher and tutor, Mr. Shackelford taught English Language in Taizhou, China. He is fluent in conversational Mandarin. Mr. Shacelford is energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic about his favorite subject, Reading! He is an avid reader and self-proclaimed Science geek, and has a background in graphic design.


President John Sittners

Mr. John Sittner, owner, acts as our business manager and overseer of maintenance and plant development.


Mrs. Kathi Sittner

Mrs. Kathi Sittner, co-owner with her husband, John, acts as our curriculum coordinator and personnel manager. She received her B.A. in German, a Minor in French, and her Master of Arts in Teaching from Beloit College in Wisconsin and taught German in grades 7-12. More recently, she received a national certification as a piano teacher from the American College of Musicians. She has lived in Germany and has traveled extensively throughout the world. Mrs. Sittner worked for many years as a professional genealogist and a published writer for genealogical magazines, and for the past ten years has been teaching private piano lessons. She was involved in the Utah public and private school systems for many years. She has done much research in gifted education, successful school techniques, and the best curricula in the various subjects. She believes in the wisdom of early childhood education, including instruction in languages, music, and general education. She also believes passionately in creating a superior education for her students, including making gifted teaching methodologies available to all students. Under her guidance, Brookfield’s students and teachers are truly “rising to the challenge!”


Madame Susan Stiehr

Madame Stiehr began teaching French at Brookfield School in 1974. Over the years, in addition to teaching the French language and culture to her middle-school students, she has been Assistant Director, French Club Advisor, Student Council Advisor, and Tour Leader to Washington, DC and France with her students and families.  “The rigorous academic curriculum with the emphasis on developing the entire child is what makes teaching at Brookfield so special. The bright students, supportive parents, small class sizes, and wonderful staff make coming to school each day a pleasure.”


Ms. Tammy Tran

Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Tammy Tran joined the Brookfield faculty in 2015 as a third grade teacher. Following an internship, Ms. Tran taught the accelerated third grade at Challenger, which has prepared her well to assume the responsibilities and culture of high expectations and academic excellence at Brookfield. Ms. Tran is also an experienced competitive cheerleading coach, and brings the discipline, enthusiasm, and positivity of this sport into her classroom. It is not unusual to hear and observe cheer coaching techniques in use in her classroom, as she employs fun chants, songs, movement, and established routines to help her students memorize information and stay motivated and engaged in class. Her colleagues and parents of former students share that she is “tough and demanding, but fun.” Ms. Tran believes in harnessing the power of children’s imaginations and natural curiosity: “I believe that primary teachers have the unique opportunity to not only teach incredibly curious minds, but to learn from their students in return. One’s imagination has no limit; that’s the beauty of learning.”


Miss Andrea Vegliante

Preschool Teacher
Miss Andrea Vegliante was born and raised in New York and then moved to Sacramento to attend college at CSUS. There, she received my BA degree in Child Development. Miss Vegliante only had one year of experience working with children, but that experience included working with infants through age 5, and she loved them all! Miss Vegliante loves working with preschoolers, because as young as they are, they teach her so much every day. “I also love being a positive influence on them and showing them that learning is fun!”


Miss Caroline Wang

Pre-first Teacher
Miss Caroline Wang joined Brookfield in 2014 as a Pre-first teacher. She is a well-organized and caring teacher who strives to provide a loving and structured learning environment for her students. She believes in setting high expectations and attending to each child’s individual needs, emotionally and cognitively. Miss Wang shares, “I believe in educating each child as a ‘whole’ person. I feel that as an educator, it is my job and responsibility to tap into each student’s world and provide meaningful connections to the content that they are learning.” She has also taught in a Preschool as well as grades 2, 4, and 6.  Additionally, Miss Wang spent two summers in China as an English instructor for Xinjiang School of Finance and Economics.