Summer Camp at Brookfield!

June 17th through August 9th 7:30 AM — 6:00 PM

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Sign up for two-week blocks or the whole summer!

Spend time with Brookfield’s cool counselors! Do things like: Ping pong, capture the flag, soccer, chess, movies, art, card and board games, computer games, talent shows, gardening, basketball, Magic the Gathering, amazing arts and crafts, scav-enger hunts, origami, collaborative music, tie dye or even catch up on your summer book reports!

Each two-week block includes activities from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Full day rates are $580, half day $390. This fee includes two or three days of swimming if and several formal academic, sports, game and music classes. There may be additional formal classes available for $50 per two week session, and will require separate reg-istration and payment from the main camp experience. We will update camp regis-tered families as other opportunities become available.


* Checkout our Accelerated Math During Summer Program as well below!

Flyer & Sign Up Forms:

Lots of class options in each two-week block:

Let’s have some  fun!

  Brain Games
 Fairy Tales & Fables
 Math Games
 Collaborative Music
 Small Animal Care
 Card Games
 Computer Games
 Amazing Arts & Crafts

  Typing & Computer Skills
  Game Theory
  Reading Adventure
 Computer Coding
 Board Games

Circus, Circus!
Survival of the Fittest
 Self Defense
 Hair Styling & Face Painting
 Be Sharp: Study Skills
 Math Facts & Penmanship
 Ping Pong
 Capture the Flag
 Scavenger Hunts
 Tie Dye

Accelerated Math During Summer!

How does it work?

  • 5 days a week from 3-4 PM at the Brookfield campus.
  • The cost includes 20 sessions for the four week period:
  • Our discounted price for Mathnasium is $400 per student.

Brookfield students will receive a $100 discount.

Students enrolled in two sessions of summer camp will also receive
an additional $200 discount!

This means that any Brookfield student enrolled in our summer camp program can take advantage of Mathnasium for $100 for 20 sessions! To get the most out of this program it is highly suggested that you plan on your student attending the full month, and attending as regularly as possible (missing a few days during the summer is expected and manageable.)

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Summer Camp 2024

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